Committing to ongoing training and development in sales (and a commitment to coaching) has become not just a choice but a strategic necessity for those aspiring to have a thriving, successful career in sales.

But information without application just leads to frustration. For continuous learning to happen, you have to be able to take the theoretical & conceptual and turn it into immediate practical, repetitive application.

In this conversation, Jason Grom, Vice President of National Sales Organization Development and Field Training at Ameriprise Financial, discusses the importance of continuous learning and development in sales and underscores the need for individuals to tap into and gain clarity on their core values, motivators and strengths. Jason emphasizes that, regardless of tenure, industry, or background, committing to ongoing training and getting the right coaching is a substantial part of success in sales. The conversation stresses the importance of translating theoretical concepts into practical application, and how behavior change and skill development can significantly impact sales outcomes.

Jason is an accomplished facilitator and coach working with individuals, teams, and large groups. He’s passionate and very knowledgeable about leading all segments of learning including analysis, design, delivery, and continuous improvement in partnership with cross-functional teams as well as gaining support and commitment from all levels of an organization.



In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn about:

  • what continuous learning and development in sales should look like
  • the significance of gaining clarity on your personal values, motivators and strengths
  • the importance of translating theoretical concepts into practical applications
  • how behavior change and skill development can significantly impact sales outcomes
  • how to use storytelling, cohort and peer sharing, and emotional elements to create engaging learning experiences that resonate with individuals and make them more likely to remember and apply what they learn
  • essential learning habits for self-improvement

What to listen for:

  • [05:09] The Importance of Mindset vs. Skillset in Training
  • [09:40] “Real Play vs. Role Play”
  • [14:11] Skill Development and Creating Lasting Behavior Change
  • [22:37] Learning Through Cohorts and Peer Sharing
  • [26:02] Essential Learning Habits for Self-improvement

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