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Growing a sales team isn’t hard. Growing a sales team that’s successful and feels comfortable in their role…now that’s a challenge. And it really comes back to the leadership of the team and the work they are willing to do to take their people to the next level by bringing confidence and humility to every interaction. 

Hear our conversation with our good friend Karin Hurt, CEO and Co-Founder at Let’s Grow Leaders, where we discuss:

  • How to create a psychologically safe and courageous sales culture
  • Developing new sales leaders
  • The six essential competencies of sales teams

Want to learn more about the six competencies of a sales team, the six competencies of sales leaders and what companies get wrong identifying and developing sales leaders and how to fix it? Check out the full episode! Click the link above!

Your ability to grow your sales team isn’t impressive.

Having a successful team that feels comfortable in their role and is willing to make honest calls when it comes to your offerings, however… That takes work.

Identifying a sales leader can be tricky… While it’s easy to think of a leader position as the natural next step after a salesperson, it’s not always the best opportunity if the personality doesn’t align.

The way to build confidence and humility into every interaction? Make sure your salespeople have sales leadership they can truly look up to.

The kind of sales leadership that has the emotional intelligence to recognize a silent room doesn’t always mean that everyone understood what they just said. Prompting discussion to break the ice and confirm that everyone’s on board. 

The kind of sales leadership that won’t push a sale when the fit isn’t there and a competitor could be better suited to a customer’s needs. 

The kind of sales leadership that wants to teach and mentor.

The Six Competencies Sales Teams Must Master

  • Knowing when to walk away
  • The art of asking great questions
  • Showing up with confident humility
  • Building great connections
  • Staying patient
  • Giving generously

The Six Competencies of Sales Leadership

  • Show up with confidence and humility
  • Focus on both results and relationships
  • Mind the MIT (Most Important Thing)
  • Communicate Consistently (5X5 Communication)
  • Check for understanding
  • Schedule the Finish

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