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It’s your mindset that’s the foundation for sales success. But WHY is mindset so critical to a salesperson’s success? What’s the mindset difference between those that are truly great at sales and those that struggle? And why do some salespeople- and sales leaders- STILL skip over or dismiss the issue of mindset?

Joining us today is Mark Hunter, better known as The Sales Hunter, award-winning author, blogger, keynote speaker and consultant that helps sales professionals learn how to hone their own skills and learn from their prospective clients. He is most recently the author of A Mind For Sales: Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success.

As Mark shares, sales is not about being the smartest person in the room. It’s about understanding your customer’s goals and being committed to how your sales process, offerings and insights as a salesperson can help them achieve those goals.

Hear our conversation with Mark as we discuss:

– Assuming responsibility and ownership for every step of the sales process and what’s possible for your own success
– Why sales is emotional and salespeople are limited only be their own thinking and attitudes
– Defining sales as helping people- and why selling is a true team sport
– Overcoming preconceived notions as the seller and the buyer
– Keys to salespeople being disciplined and focused with their time
– Managing vs. coaching in sales and the attitude shift needed by sales leaders

Join us on this latest episode of Mental Selling to hear Mark and Will discuss practical strategies on how to change your sales mindset, feel renewed energy and purpose and achieve greater levels of success in sales than you ever imagined. Check out the full episode! Click the link above!

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Top-performing salespeople who have the right mindset? They own it. They own the (sales) process, the know what they need to do. And they stick with it. They don’t pass blame.”

–Mark Hunter

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