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Think extroverts make the best salespeople? Think again.

Matthew Pollard, Founder of Rapid Growth and author of “The Introvert’s Edge,” believes introverts can make incredible salespeople when they harness their superpowers.

In this conversation, Matthew reveals the traits that give introverts an advantage in sales. Whether you’re outgoing or more reserved, Matthew shares how you can embrace your personality and leverage it to improve your selling skills.

He also reminds us sales is about service, teaches us the power of preparation, and gives advice for building your confidence as a salesperson.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why introversion is a sales superpower
  • The power of systems and preparation
  • How to work effectively with other personalities

What to listen for:

  • [01:00] The introvert’s edge
  • [05:30] The superpower of reflection
  • [13:00] Embracing “what if?” thinking
  • [16:45] Serving people through sales
  • [22:30] Thinking differently about finding and supporting sales talent
  • [31:00] Acknowledging personality differences in training
  • [41:00] The power of preparation
  • [46:00] Working with an extroverted manager as an introvert
  • [50:00] Learning to manage effectively
  • [54:00] Building confidence as an introverted salesperson

Join us on this latest episode of Mental Selling to hear Matthew’s advice for selling in a way that helps people while leaning into your personality for optimal results. Leverage your introversion in sales, own your personality, and work effectively with the extroverts in your organization. Check out the full episode!

Additional Resources From This Episode:

Buy his book The Introvert’s Edge
– Matthew’s website
– Follow Matthew on LinkedIn and Twitter

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