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Here is some of our ‘Best of 2018’ content that can help fuel thoughts, discussions and strategies to make 2019 your best year yet.

By Will Milano   At Integrity Solutions we remain committed to providing insights and perspectives to our clients and partners they can apply on the job- immediately- that can help change the way they sell, coach, and lead. One way we do that is through our blog, podcast series, videos and research-based content. You’re very busy, we get it, and probably missed a lot of it along the way. So here is a look back at just some of what we have seen and been told resonated most this year that could help you have your best 2019:

  • Ethical sales cultures have always been central to everything we teach about selling. They have become increasingly more important- even becoming a competitive differentiator. Our Steve Schmidt addressed their importance and impact in this blog post and 2-minute video clip. Organizations that espouse certain values and ethics but have leadership and managers that don’t live by those values create disconnect. In this short video clip Executive Partner Larry Roberts eloquently discusses why leaders must model the behaviors the organization claims to value.
  • More managers have become committed to coaching. But it’s also about understanding you don’t coach people in your own image. You have to recognize and adapt to their Behavior Styles. Our most-read blog of 2018 was this one by Joyce Hames. In this related podcast (our most popular of 2018) and 3-minute video clip Mike Fisher also reflected on what Behavior Styles look like and can do for salespeople.
  • For the 2nd year in a row we conducted original research in partnership with The Sales Management Association. Our focus was on understanding the gaps between organizations committed to sales coaching and those that still have yet to systematically and culturally adopt it. Our study of over 200 senior sales leaders uncovered some eye-opening findings. This research brief and summary infographic offers a path forward to make coaching take hold, set your sales leaders up for success and deliver impactful sales results. We continued the discussion in this podcast with our CEO, Mike Esterday and Bob Kelly, Chairman of the Sales Management Association. We looked earlier this year at the 4 leadership qualities of the best sales coaches and the role they play in creating trust with their teams.
  • Training and culture change are inherently linked but also very distinct. Julie ann Wessinger discusses in this 2-minute clip.
  • For your salespeople, purpose and success are directly linked. A central theme we teach and see with clients is “uncovering your why.” Not having a powerful, internally-sourced reason for doing what you do can get you out of congruence and limit your ability to do what’s needed to succeed. This October blog post looked at how clearly understanding why you do you do what you do and why you sell what you sell creates a stronger purpose and achievement drive. And in this popular 6-minute video, Mike Fisher unpacks the five critical areas that affect why some salespeople are more successful than others.

As 2018 comes to a close we reflect back on a great year and look optimistically at the year to come. Thank you to all our clients, partners and of course our employees for making 2018 a special year for Integrity Solutions. We look forward to serving the world with integrity even more in 2019. To your success…

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