consultative sales culture


To grow new business and increase customer retention and expansion, the risk advisory division of a major global publicly-traded property and casualty insurance company recognized that it would have to build a true consultative sales culture with a deep understanding of the customer.


With a goal of positioning the sales organization for rapid growth, leadership determined that it needed to:

  • Build a unified, sustainable sales culture
  • Drive consistency in sales call execution and build accountability
  • Equip sales consultants to expand business opportunities within existing clients
  • Equip managers to step up as leaders and coach their teams effectively


Leadership engaged with Integrity Solutions to implement a customized version of the Integrity Selling® program to build a consistent sales language and foundation across the sales organization. Over a nine-week period, consultants applied concepts from the training to actual client conversations and then reported outcomes back during small weekly coaching sessions. This application and accountability resulted in a measurable change in performance in a relatively short amount of time.

The initial program was followed by a three-year journey that included:

  • Customized reinforcement sessions focused on role-play and practice
  • Integrity Selling® Refresh™ an interactive online reinforcement platform for refreshing and extending Integrity Selling® concepts
  • Navigating the Complex Sale® training, which equipped consultants with the strategic mindset and tools to broaden their relationships and capture new streams of revenue
  • Integrity Selling® Elevate™, a six-month sales development process that leverages digital learning, client application, self-reflection and manager coaching for continual improvement


The company is reporting double-digit year-over-year growth since engaging with Integrity Solutions, and leadership notes that the sales organization has consistently exceeded both its new business and existing client retention and expansion goals.

Overall, the Integrity Solutions approach has facilitated a significant transformation in culture, processes and people. With a consistent framework to plan for client conversations, diagnose issues and strategize next steps, the sales organization is developing deeper client relationships and serving clients more effectively as true consultative advisors.

Build a true consultative sales culture

Expand relationships and opportunities in existing clients

Consistency in sales language and sales process

Shift their mindsets about sales & learn how to build consultative, collaborative relationships


“The biggest advantage is that it’s given our team a common language for sales. So when someone is trying to progress an opportunity and is feeling stuck it’s easy to diagnose where and why, and strategize as to the best next steps. The AID,Inc.® process provides us with a consistent framework to not only plan for a client conversation but to diagnose client issues effectively. It’s been a big change in culture for us, and we’re all-in!” – Senior Director of Business Development

“We’ve enjoyed close to double-digit growth year over year, and we’ve consistently beaten plan right across the board with both new business acquisition as well as the retention and expansion side of our business. This success has allowed us to expand our business and bring new people into the organization. We have a very mature process and approach that works, and our clients are the big winners. Our relationship with Integrity Solutions has played a significant role in this growth.” – Vice President

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