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This client is a global leader in diabetes care with a dedicated team of tens of thousands of people and a portfolio of leading, science-based offerings in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals and generic pharmaceuticals serving people in more than 150 countries. This client emphasizes the highest quality products and unwavering support to customers.


  • Build a unified, sustainable sales culture
  • Position sales force for rapid growth
  • Drive consistency in sales call execution and build accountability
  • Equip managers to step up as leaders and coach their teams effectively


After the introduction of an innovative new product, this client wanted to make sure its sales organization was prepared to drive rapid growth. With a sales team comprised of both traditional account managers and clinical specialists, a key challenge would be helping them move from a “farmer” to a “hunter” mentality. While several sales models had been introduced over the years, there had been little follow-up, which meant change was short-lived at best, and there was no consistency in sales call execution. The company was also doubling the size of its sales force and its leadership. As a result, managers needed to be able to coach their teams effectively, and a consistent, sustainable sales culture needed to be established.


The project leader for this initiative had used the Integrity Selling® program as a sales rep, sales leader and training leader in two previous companies, and he had seen its track record of success with clinical teams. As a purpose-driven organization, this healthcare client also felt that Integrity Solutions’ values-driven sales methodology and approach aligned well with its culture.

Following a senior sales leader overview and a pilot of the program with its HCP Sales Organization, the client launched Integrity Selling® to the field sales organization at a Summit meeting. Ten in-house trainers were certified to facilitate the program, and sales managers received training and coaching resources to support their teams. In addition to classroom training, the solution includes online pre-work resources and follow-up reinforcement as well as three months of weekly follow-up calls facilitated by their own managers and Certified Facilitators. Integrity Solutions also provided the client with a Sales Culture Inventory and Report of Findings.

To continue the momentum, the client engaged Integrity Solutions to develop a pull-through strategy to help HCP sales representatives and sales managers strengthen their competencies in the Integrity Selling methodology. This solution encompasses six 2-hour workshops on targeted competency areas; sales microlearning bursts delivered via email to sales reps and managers, as well as coaching microlearning for sales managers; and Behavior Styles assessments for all participants.


In the first year of working with Integrity Solutions, the client reported 48.2% year-over-year sales growth. The company also measured the impact of the initial rollout by tracking specific skills and attitudes before and after the training. Improvements were reported in every area tracked, most notably:

  • pre-call planning (55.1%)
  • written long-term goals (45.2%)
  • identifying of customer needs, challenges and goals before presenting solutions (31.4%)
  • application of a clear model to execute sales calls (22.8%)
  • asking questions to engage customers (19.5%)
  • application of Behavior Styles (19.5%)
  • view of selling (13.9%).

The client was able to use the results from the first engagement and 360° assessments to get buy-in and approval for ongoing development to sustain the healthcare sales culture it had created.


year-over-year sales growth

Customer needs-focused conversations

A common sales language and process

Asking better questions

Leaders involved at all levels


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John Crowder

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