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Mental Selling is the best sales podcast for relationship-minded, values-driven salespeople and sales leaders dedicated to improving lives for customers.

In Mental Selling, we’ll talk with industry experts to get below the surface, tapping into the critical emotional and psychological drivers of sales, leadership and delivering an amazing customer experience. You’ll hear strategies and insights for overcoming the self-limiting beliefs that hold salespeople back, how to unlock the full potential in every salesperson, the complexities of today’s B2B buying cycles, and tips for navigating the nuances of today’s virtual selling environment. We’ll help you understand the mental and emotional aspects of sales performance that will empower you to create deeper customer relationships and get the results you want.

Welcome to Mental Selling! Your favorite sales podcast…

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Ep 057 Aligning Passions, Values & Skills for Sales Success

The road to success in sales is paved with passion and purpose. Understanding your personal wiring as well as your…

Ep 056 Why Brand Matters to Salespeople

Why should brand matter to salespeople? Isn’t that marketing’s job?.. Marketing expert Vince Freeman and sales leader David Schweisthal invite…

Ep 055 Accidental Executives: Thriving as a Sales Leader

Have you ever been thrust into the role of sales leader unexpectedly? Do you wonder if leadership was even the…

Ep 054 Mastering Mindfulness in Sales

The world is full of distractions. It’s hard to be a salesperson but even harder to focus on executing well….

Ep 053 Why Creating a Great Customer Experience Hinges on a Better Employee Experience

To create a great customer experience, it’s essential to treat employees well first. Shep Hyken is a customer service and…

Ep 052 What the Top 1% of Sales Performers Believe

Scott Ingram is a sales expert and podcast host who has interviewed top performers in the industry to uncover the…

Ep 051 Creating a People-First Sales Culture

Customers aren’t going to buy unless they trust who they’re working with, and the same goes for your team members….

crowder john portrait
Selling Effectively In Medical Sales With John Crowder

In healthcare sales, changing a healthcare provider’s prescribing habits and changing the way they practice medicine are two very different…

Ep 050 Leveraging Your Social Media Presence for Sales

In a noisy world, reputation and perception have never been more important for salespeople. Buyers only have time for those…

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