Stories are one of the most powerful tools in a salesperson’s toolbox.

In this conversation, author, speaker, and consultant Matthew Dicks returns to the show to share the power of storytelling in sales. He explains the science behind storytelling, highlights the need for humor in business, and discusses how to effectively engage your audience.

Press play to learn how to tell stories in a way that creates connections, makes you memorable, and ultimately boosts sales.

Here’s why:

  • Stories are 22 times more memorable than a series of facts or bullet points.
  • Stories tap into emotions in a way that pulls people in.
  • Stories create instant connection, turning strangers into friends.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to build trust through stories
  • The key components of a good story
  • How to know when storytelling is working

What to listen for:

  • [05:00] The importance of both adaptability and preparation in sales
  • [08:30] The difference between anecdotes and stories
  • [13:00] The essential components of an effective story
  • [21:30] The role of case studies vs. storytelling in sales
  • [29:30] Signs that storytelling is working in sales
  • [34:00] Storytelling in a group

Stories tap into an emotional element that pulls people in. If they can relate to what you’re talking about, they begin to like and trust you. So if you’re a salesperson and you aren’t leveraging storytelling in sales, you’re missing out on creating instant and lasting connections with your prospects.

For more of Matthew’s insights on the power of storytelling to make deeper connections with potential and current customers, tune into this latest episode of Mental Selling.

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