Improve communication and relationships

Communicating With Impact

The ability to create rapport and connections is fundamental in sales, leadership, customer service and in everyday life. Integrity Solutions’ Behavior Styles® assessment, now called Communicating With Impact, creates personal chemistry and deeper connected relationships that are applicable in business and all aspects of life.

Why Are Behavior Styles Important?

Communicating With Impact is valuable for individuals and all types and sizes of organizations. This proven, scientific measurement tool will improve communication, relationships, and impact productivity.

Assessments can be ordered individually or in conjunction with a workshop designed for your company’s specific needs. We can deliver it or equip you. Sales, Service and Coaching versions available.

Increase awareness and understanding of strengths and identify development areas.

How We Work With You

Communicating With Impact can be stand-alone or used as part of a core curriculum. Current Integrity Solutions clients apply our Behavior Styles methodology for learning reinforcement, sustainment and mastery. Our new clients can gain understanding of Behavior Styles language, how you prefer to communicate, and how you can best adapt to other styles.

Deploy and Interpret Assessment results

Equip you to conduct workshops using assessment data

Create awareness for individual and team dynamics

Share ways to leverage results for performance improvement

What Makes Communicating With Impact So Valuable?


Explanation of Your Personal Behavior Style (Strengths and Areas for Development)


How to Identify Another Person's Behavior Style


Communication Tips With Others


Action Plans With All Four Styles


How to Adapt Sales, Service and Coaching With the Four Behavior Styles

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Increased understanding of strengths and development areas

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Improved interpersonal communication

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Reduced conflict and increased harmony

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Enhanced sales, service and coaching skills

"As the workshop states, the #1 leading indicator of success is the ability to get along well with others. I constantly hear ‘eerily accurate’ from participants after they read their results and I so enjoy the sincere interest they have in how their colleagues communicate. The flexibility of exercises in the workshop allows you to cater to each group’s needs, and gives you the ability to steer in different directions on the fly depending on how the group interacts."

- Director, Global Learning & Development, Russell Investments

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Communication and Relationships Improve When You Understand the Behavior Styles of Colleagues and Customers Let us show you how

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