How do you implement coaching to accelerate business results? How can coaching empower people to act as owners and be accountable for results? And what are the keys to implementing a coaching program to affect organizational change?

An Integrity Solutions Leadership Lens Event
From October 2018

This insightful discussion with Jacqueline Cohen, Head of Human Resources at The Linde Group and Lou Cimini, Vice President of Human Resources at Samsonite included:

  • The building blocks of an effective coaching culture that extends from the executive suite to the front lines
  • Common coaching pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Coaching behaviors and communication skills that will increase motivation, ownership, and output
  • Strategies to move decision-making down in the organization and hold people accountable for results

You will walk away with a strategic framework for improving how all levels of managers coach, communicate and collaborate, pro-actively fostering an environment where people are able to:

  • Thrive despite the obstacles they face.
  • Solve problems previously perceived as unsolvable.
  • Improve how they make decisions, while becoming more accountable for results.

See the full video of this special Leadership Lens event below: