From December 2019
In Partnership with The Sales Management Association

Will the culture you build in the sales organization help you meet your 2020 goals? In the rush to embrace everything changing about the sales profession, it’s easy to overlook the enduring qualities that have always been true of great salespeople, and that are often embodied in culture. These include the ability to engender buyers’ trust, and to build long term relationships vs. simply “going for the win.” These qualities are rooted in the personal and corporate values your customers perceive in sellers and the companies they represent.

Organizations that are purpose-driven – with strong, values-based sales cultures – wield significant competitive advantages and often grow faster than those that are not. Their customers are more loyal and would tell others to buy from their companies. And they achieve higher profitability per customer and compete more favorably for talent. Salespeople who derive meaning from their work report almost twice the job satisfaction and are three times more likely to stay with their organization. By putting values at the center of their sales processes, organizations are generating strong tailwinds that push sellers to greater levels of motivation and achievement drive. And they create brands that are enduring and memorable.

This webinar, co-presented by our CEO Mike Esterday and CSO Bruce Wedderburn and in partnership with The Sales Management Association, presents evidence on culture’s economic value, while offering a step-by-step approach to establishing a more values-based sales culture that elevates passion, drive, differentiation and revenues.