A Top Sales Roundtable featuring Integrity Solutions’ CEO Mike Esterday.

In most organizations the sales managers are among the most pivotal roles in any organization. Yet the reality is far too often they’re still not given the tools and skills to succeed. Most sales leaders need much greater support and guidance- so what’s to be done? What should we be saying to C-level executives to ensure they support and make their sales leaders effective? What pitfalls do organizations fall into in elevating people into sales leadership? What role do sales leaders play in helping their people understand and live the company’s values? And what are some tips that can help create a true sales coaching culture?  

That’s the focus of this Top Sales Roundtable which includes our CEO, Mike Esterday on this expert panel of ‘Sales Futurists.’ In what is a very insightful, robust discussion. Are You Listening in the C-Lounge? I Need Help, looks at the realities facing sales leaders’ effectiveness, what companies and the C-Suite continue to ignore in setting them up for success and practical, and some practical insights for shifts companies can make to better identify and create great sales leaders.  

Mike was also recently published in Top Sales Magazine. Read the article here.