Integrity Selling for Medical Devices

The changing landscape of healthcare requires having value-filled conversations with Procurement, Hospital Management, and Supply Chain, as well as Clinical Customers.

Build the Strategic Partnerships that Will Drive Your Competitive Advantage

With continued upheaval rocking the healthcare landscape, medical device salespeople can no longer rely on the “tried-and-true” approaches of the past. New influencers, broader coalitions of decision-makers- including the emergence of the non-clinical buyer- and changing regulations and policies have raised the stakes—and the barriers to success. The sales professionals who are consistently breaking through are those who have:

  • A thorough understanding of the business environment in which they’re operating
  • The skills, behaviors and mindset to engage in strategic, value-filled conversations with diverse stakeholders
  • Strong support from an active coaching culture and effective, value-focused processes

Build the confidence, competence and commitment to excel in a complex, constantly changing sales environment. Our customized medical device sales training and coaching gives you a proven, value-driven approach for developing consultative sales behaviors, adapting to the needs of different influencers and instilling the self-belief to step up to new realities—and deliver the value that matters most to each stakeholder.

  • Build a strong values- and ethics-based culture
  • Attract and retain high performers
  • Sell economic as well as clinical value
  • Maximize sales performance
  • Create strategic partnerships that open the door for more opportunities
  • Enhance leadership and coaching abilities

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How We Work With You

Diagnosis- understand your personal and organizational challenges

Manager Overview- insights to support and reinforce learning

Interactive 1-2 Day Workshop to enhance selling skills

8-Week Sustainment & Accountability Program

Monthly Accelerator Modules

What Makes Integrity Selling for Medical Device So Effective?


Learning dynamics that impact attitudes and beliefs plus skills


A sales model easily applied with clinical and non-clinical customers


A GAP Analysis process that challenges customers to think differently


Strategies to identify and sell different Behavior Styles®


A sustainment process that transfers knowledge into new behaviors


Coaching resources and materials for cultural alignment

Benefits to Your Organization

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Increased Sales and Productivity

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Reduced Call Reluctance

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Greater Customer Loyalty

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Increased Achievement Drive

“What Got you Here Won’t Get You There... In an increasingly complex and changing healthcare environment, the elegant simplicity the Integrity Selling model makes it easy to accept and apply by both seasoned and new representatives.”

- VP of Sales, Cardiology Business Unit

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