Ep 014 Sales Enablement: Maximizing Your Investment

How Do Sales Leaders Make the Investment in Sales Enablement Pay Off?

Sales Enablement is one of the biggest- but also more confusing- buzz words in business today. Many sales leaders clamor to push out a stream of data, content and technologies. But a lack of strategy behind it may overwhelm salespeople and ultimately harm productivity more than it helps. How do you make the investment and promises of sales enablement actually pay off? Integrity Solutions Chief Sales Officer, Bruce Wedderburn, details how sales teams can leverage it to develop skills for better quality, human conversations that can be used at the right time to advance sales opportunities.

Key Podcast Takeaways:

  • If enablement data doesn’t translate into empowering more effective customer conversations, then the data is wasted.
  • All the reporting, sales processes, data, analysis, marketing content, and AI is there to improve the quantity and quality (outcomes) of sales conversations.
  • Pay attention to the ‘last mile.’ In the sales world this is the actual conversation between the salesperson and the customer (informative, insightful and provocative questions- especially in early stages- to get customers to reexamine their challenges and priorities).
  • The information, content and skills being provided to the salesperson need to align with the buyer’s journey and how they will make their decisions.
  • Buyer concerns in later stages are often about risk mitigation and internal concerns and pressures they are trying to get the salesperson to help alleviate.
  • Managers pay a critical role in (sales) coaching to build and develop the potential of their people to execute those conversations effectively. Time committed to coaching, a common definition of what coaching includes and equipping managers to have coaching conversations is a critical- and often overlooked- aspect of sales enablement.

Podcast Quotes from Bruce Wedderburn:

“(Sales) enablement is such a buzzword at the moment that many sales leaders and CEOs are saying ‘we’ve just got to get this.’ And the easy thing to gravitate towards is that enablement is all about gathering data- providing the sales organization with a constant stream of information and content. And in many cases that can over whelm sales reps; than can hurt productivity more than help it.”

“When you think about enablement, what it really comes down to is providing salespeople with the information, the content and the skills to help them sell effectively. That’s it…” 

“The buyer’s definition of value that they’ll receive from the selling organization will change depending on what phase of the buyer’s journey that they’re in.” 

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