Having clarity of purpose is essential, and it plays a crucial role in sales. Tapping into your purpose not only provides salespeople direction and motivation but also helps build stronger relationships with customers and colleagues.

In this conversation, Lisa Earle McLeod (also our Ep 031 guest) returns to the show to discuss the transformative power of purpose-driven selling, the importance of reflection in sales, and how sales leaders can foster a culture of customer impact and employee significance. She emphasizes that sales isn’t just about serving customers but about improving their lives and the lives of their customers. Lisa highlights the role of sales leaders in reframing the sales conversation to align with purpose. By asking the right questions and translating sales numbers and KPIs into customer impact, sales leaders can help their teams understand the significance of their work and drive desired behaviors and much better performance. Lisa believes that revenue and shareholder value naturally follow when companies prioritize customer impact, satisfaction and well-being.

To hear more, listen to the full conversation.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • The transformative power of purpose-driven selling
  • Why sales isn’t just about serving customers but about improving their lives
  • Questions for sales teams to reflect on to unpack both wins and losses.
  • The power of sharing how a team’s work made a difference in the lives of their customers helps employees feel a sense of significance and motivation.
  • The value of translating numbers into customer impact helps employees understand the value of their work.
  • Why salespeople want to be part of something bigger than themselves and for their work to matter

What to listen for:

  • [01:18] Understanding Purpose and Its Importance in Sales
  • [07:16] Beyond the Transaction: Focusing on Long-Term vs. Short-Term
  • [12:21] Why Specificity (Depth of Knowledge) is Sexy
  • [16:46] Metrics Beyond Revenue and Win Rates
  • [22:43] How to Properly Ask for Referrals
  • [25:11] Three Questions to Better Unpack Wins & Losses and Create Shared Learning
  • [29:09] The Time and Place to Say No
  • [34:58] Difference Between Serving and Improving Lives for Customers

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