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Relationships are not a one and done situation. You wouldn’t consider someone a friend if you spoke to them once and then didn’t hear from them again for years.

Customer relationships are no different. If you create that initial contact, only to move onto the next lead shortly after, you’re setting yourself up for massive amounts of customer churn.

You’ve spent time with a customer to identify a problem and commit to change. Don’t expect the customer to stay on course without holding their hand.

Spend the time needed to gauge their progress. Communicate what is and isn’t being done. Otherwise you’re leaving all your hard work to chance.

I speak with Matt Heinz, President & Founder of Heinz Marketing and host of Sales Pipeline Radio, about maintaining (and expanding) these relationships, what account based selling really means and requires today and more.

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– Account based sales and marketing: how it has evolved & how to strategically select the right targets
– The role an MQL (marketing qualified lead) can still have in an organization
– Account based customer retention strategy & salesperson expectations
– Rethinking the buying community & building your brand

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“One of our largest jobs as sellers is to help build internal consensus towards a commitment to change.

-Matt Heinz

Want to learn more about the strategy, mindset and focus needed for account based sales and marketing strategies to work? Rethinking the buying community & building your brand? How to discern the right metrics to focus on from the wrong ones? This episode of Mental Selling is for you.

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“There’s other ways of ensuring that other people in the buying committee start to get exposed to the content and the insights and the sense making that will help them organically build more awareness of the problem and more of a commitment to change.”

-Matt Heinz

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