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Company culture, communication and resilience aren’t just internal concerns; they also directly affect your daily interactions with clients and, ultimately, your ability to meet and exceed sales goals. But how do you take them from concepts to action plans? How can you measure progress and impact along the way? And how do you prevent it from being back-burnered by ‘the urgent’ of the day?

In this episode, I speak with two senior leaders with Russell Investments, Tina Downing, Senior Director and Lead of AIS Business Solutions and Scottland Jacobson, Global Director, Talent Development, Learning & Development and HR Operations, about the importance and impact of purposefully building and stewarding company culture, adapting sales to a remote environment, and much more.

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  • Company culture— what’s different about attracting and retaining employees in a remote environment?
  • How remote selling can actually shorten the sales cycle
  • The ‘Three P Process’ that Russell Investments uses to guide and create better client conversations
  • How you can create more resilient, motivated sales teams 
  • Feedback- both positive and constructive- as the foundation of culture and making everyone across the organization better
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“The foundation of any solid company culture is feedback.”

– Scottland Jacobson, Russell Investments
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You always have a company culture, whether it’s by plan or default…”

– Tina Downing, Russell Investments

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