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What is it that your customers truly want and value beyond the basic transaction? And what happens when companies give ‘non-traditional sales roles’ more responsibility for uncovering new sales opportunities with customers? When we change our mindset so that customer service and sales become one and the same, then everyone within the company can comfortably and confidently embrace more of a sales mentality. And when done right- for the right reasons- customer expectations are met like never before.

This episode of Mental Selling is our conversation with Bobbi McVey-Blath, banking industry expert and Owner at Level Up Facilitation Group. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts as we discuss:

  • how a simple yet critical mindset shift about the traditional negative perceptions of selling can teach us to embrace sales
  • how every customer-facing role across a company plays a role in ‘selling’
  • questioning techniques, listening skills and ‘reading between the lines’ to problem solve and uncover and deliver superior customer value
  • the importance of integrity and trust in both customer experience AND employee experience
  • the role that beliefs play in continually creating benefits for customers
  • training and retaining employees during the Great Resignation- what employees expect today and what companies are too often getting wrong
  • the role of leaders in serving, inspiring and developing employees, extending training beyond basic onboarding and helping them understand how their work directly contributes to the organization’s overall purpose.
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“How do we change our mindset from this is a sale to this is a service?”

– Bobbi McVey-Blath, Level Up Facilitation

In recent years customers have grown to expect not only faster but more comprehensive service. They expect not only speed and responsiveness of the transaction but efficiency, ideas, and suggestions that can help them mitigate risk, increase convenience, navigate change and fill (often unstated) needs. And that’s synonymous with what good selling looks like today.

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“If I feel comfortable, I’m going to be confident. If I’m confident, I’m going to create trust with my customer. It’s a circle of effects.”

– Bobbi McVey-Blath

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