Happiness and confidence are the keys to reaching your potential in sales.

Alan Allard, founder and President of Genius Dynamics, shares how developing a positive, confident mindset enables salespeople to approach clients without fear, build trust, and bounce back from rejection.

Drawing from his decades of sales experience, Alan brings insights into behavior change, sales coaching, and what it takes to truly be happy at work and in life.

No matter your skill level, you’ll never perform at the level you could if you’re not experiencing positive emotional energy on a consistent basis.

As a salesperson, finding the right fit, building confidence, and ultimately experiencing happiness are critical to reaching your sales potential.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to cultivate a winning mindset
  • How (and why) to advocate for yourself as a salesperson
  • How to coach salespeople instead of just manage

What to listen for:

  • [01:45] Why happiness and fulfillment matter in sales
  • [05:30] Mastering the mental game of selling
  • [11:30] Why salespeople don’t reach their potential
  • [14:15] What sets elite performers apart from others
  • [17:00] Why salespeople don’t take responsibility for their results
  • [19:30] Traits of great coaches
  • [26:00] Tailoring coaching to the personality
  • [34:00] Improving your self-concept

When a team member’s performance is struggling, how do you help them get out of the rut? Alan shares three areas to examine:

  • Beliefs – What do they fundamentally believe? Are they emotionally ready to act on their beliefs?
  • Skill level – Do they need help leveling-up their skills? Have they been properly trained for success?
  • Support – What kind of support is missing from their environment, teammates, and leaders?

Alan urges sales leaders to take responsibility for their teams’ performance and dig into the areas above to make lasting improvements..

For more insights on how happiness fuels sales success and the importance of coaching high-performing sales teams, listen to Will’s conversation with Alan.

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