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Flexible, Interactive, Engaging Learning Environments That Get Results

Integrity Solutions has been delivering live, virtual training solutions for years. We create learning environments that replicate the interaction, small group discussions, exercises and self-discovery that happens in all our face-to-face workshops. You get the same, proven content and engagement, without the travel costs and time out of the field.

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Our blended learning programs meet you and your learners where you are. Literally.

Running live training events in today’s climate is a challenge.  At best.  From travel bans and work-from-home policies, live training events may be on the shelf for a while.  So… what now?

The answer: virtual instructor led training (VILT).  Virtual training solutions are more than just a necessity.  Done well, it can be extremely engaging and effective.  In fact, with VILT, companies have spiked their pipeline by 23.2% over live training events (and 45% over no training at all).

The best part?  We’re seeing clients save significant budget (upwards of 30%) with virtual training.  And this does not include the “time out of field” opportunity costs that live events incur.

Integrity Solutions has been at the forefront of making live virtual training succeed for over thirty years. We know how to replicate the robust learning environment in an online learning environment that replicates the interaction, small group discussions, exercises and self-discovery that happens in our face-to-face workshops. And this year Selling Power Magazine included us on their list of the Top Online Sales Training companies.

You get the same, proven content and engagement, but with no travel costs and less time out of the field. And you get to up-skill your teams and managers in this challenging environment when improved skills are needed more than ever.

Learning sessions are short and lively.  Instructors facilitate brief video meetings, spaced out over time, to allow for application of concepts in between. Participants reconvene to share insights.  This staggered learning approach acclimates them to the rest of their learning journey, which will include follow-ups and application of reinforcement tools.

Continual Learning Delivers Long-Lasting Results

Learning is no longer tied to the classroom, and that’s the good news. For best results — for your business objectives and for your learners’ development — it should be a continual process that incorporates traditional face-to-face with virtual classroom/self-study and hands-on application as it makes sense for you. We combine technology and an agile, flexible virtual capability with a powerful solution design that includes a unique behavior change process, repeated application in the field, follow-up and accountability.



Virtual Learning Benefits

Lower Cost Investment

On average 30-50% less. Travel costs for participants and facilitators eliminated.

Maintain Training Schedules Despite Travel Restrictions

Teams and managers still need to be trained, especially at times when improved skills are needed..

More Individualized Focus and Coaching

Smaller groups leads to more involvement from everyone. People can ask questions and get more direct coaching from the facilitator.

Increased Participation from Everyone

Smaller group size means less passive participation. People can't just hide in a crowd and listen.

Less Time Out of the Field

Virtual training reduces time out of the field 50%.

Easy Access

Bring the training to them... Participants can be anywhere in the world.

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