Expand Your Sales Team's View of What's Possible

Integrity Coaching for Sales Managers

We believe that individuals possess an untapped reservoir of natural ability, waiting to be explored and cultivated. Equip your sales managers with the unique skills and tools they need to improve team performance by empowering their teams to expand what they believe possible, become problem solvers and achieve more.

Coaching to Deepen Sales Performance

Sales Managers Will Learn:

  • The importance of giving people a sense of purpose and challenging them to reach higher levels of performance
  • How a leader’s view of coaching and behaviors shape how they interact with their team – and impact overall sales performance
  • Coaching skills that build confidence, competence, and ultimately, capability in sales performance
  • Value of believing in others at a greater level than they believe in themselves
  • Insights for understanding what motivates people—and helping them break through self-limiting paradigms
  • Ways to collaborate with sales team members to set attainable goals and prioritize to achieve maximum results
  • Five core sales performance influencing factors that must be in alignment for sales people to consistently surpass their quotas

How We Work With You


Interactive One-Day Workshop

8-Week Sustainment & Accountability Program

Post- Assessments

Performance Accelerator Sessions

What Makes Integrity Coaching for Sales Managers So Valuable?


A simple, 5-step coaching process


Highly interactive course dynamics


A tool belt that ignites a passion with specific focus on values, motivations, and praise


Content may be customized for greater cultural alignment


Reinforced with 8-week Sustainment and Accountability Program and Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules

Benefits to Your Organization

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Higher goal clarity and alignment with sales objectives

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Stronger retention of top sales performers

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Upward shift in confidence and results-producing activity

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Significant impact to top line revenue

“I now see that ‘telling versus asking’ is cheating my people out of their development.”

Senior Vice President, a top-10 U.S. bank

Our insights

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Coaching is the #1 thing Sales Managers can do that will have the most impact on company performance Engagement, motivation, achievement drive, retention

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